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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Yeah, that's why we've kept him on the roster this whole time. So he can ride the bench and be cut at end of season. Makes so much sense. No bromance, just think Elway knows what he's doing and think JDR is one heck of a DC and will get the best out of DJ. It's called optimism and positive attitude.
Be positive your true love will play.

Wish in one hand crapmin the other see which one fills up first.

The moron had to take a cut in pay to come back at all. that is how much Jihn E thinks about him. At a reduced rate of pay he is insurance plain and simple. Or at best he sees some playing time to raise his trade value.

He can't beat out the guys already starting, he does not have any time in the scheme. He has not played a down this year why would they want to tamper with success. OH I know to get your hero on the field..

Read the links posted above. See if you can get over this fantasy you seem to have.

BTW they kept him on the roster because he has not cost them a dime till yesterday. And now he comes back on a redone cheaper contract for the rest of this year. Call it insurance against injury.

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