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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I'll be really surprised if DJ is in any shape to play. Maybe in four or five weeks.

The Broncos should use the rest of this season to pump up his trade value.
Since I think anyone that is seriously not in love with the guy knows he is not what John E, Fox or JDR is looking for long term players. Smart, leaders as in college team Captain type guys. DJ is an athlete no doubt but is a dumb ass. He has embarrassed the team (Elways old team) with his dumb assery.

He had to take a pay cut for the rest of the year in order to come back. For anyone with an IQ over room temperature that pretty much spells it out that he is not long term at all.

If he gets any playing time like you said it is for trade value at best. Barring injury to one of the starters or backups.
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