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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
More productive? DJ had more sacks and same amount of FF. DJ does things WW doesn't just like WW does things better then DJ. It's not that hard to understand.

If DJ is an above average LB so is WW which is perfectly OK with me. As for the rest of that crap you posted not a single person thinks DJ is better then Miller. Why you even typed that I have no clue.
Yep DJ had more sacks than WW did but then he also started 7 more games than he did.

As for why he had those sacks did you ever think it was the call from the sidelines and not just DJs idea.

Conversely we do not know if WW was asked to blitz at all last year.

Other than a couple of sacks and FF in those 7 more starts it seems if you further look at the stats you see that WW had more tackles than DJ did.

But then cherry picking is nothing new for you is it.

Btw yes some DJ nut huggers have called him the best LB we had last year.
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