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Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
What helmet contact?! They both hit him on the shoulder pads!!
That's what I thought. Helmet to shoulder pad.

And the PI call a few plays earlier, I hate it when the refs call it like that. The CB had perfect coverage inside of the WR. The way off target ball was thrown to the inside of the CB, forcing the WR to cut inside to make a play on the ball. Since the CB has already established inside position, the WR runs right into him to get to the ball. Since it was man coverage, the CB is looking at the WR and never sees the ball. So they call PI on him.

Since the refs are calling it like that, if I was a QB and the CB had great coverage to the inside, but he is looking at the WR and not inside, I'd just throw the ball inside on purpose, forcing the WR back to the inside and right into the CB. It's an easy PI call. The refs should view that as the CB having a position, so if the WR is forced to go through him, it's not a PI on the defense.
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