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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
I guess this explains why Woody was more productive than DJ last year too...

I don't get it, DJ has always been an above average player, nothing more, but yet people around here still think he's a good to great player. And I just have to shake my head at people who say he's the best overall linebacker on our team. Von is better than DJ in all three linebacker fazes. Rushing the passer, stopping the run and even in pass coverage. And he's far better at causing turnovers. It's not even close who the best linebacker on the team is.
More productive? DJ had more sacks and same amount of FF. DJ does things WW doesn't just like WW does things better then DJ. It's not that hard to understand.

If DJ is an above average LB so is WW which is perfectly OK with me. As for the rest of that crap you posted not a single person thinks DJ is better then Miller. Why you even typed that I have no clue.
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