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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Can we at least get SOME of the fact right here regarding DJ? If some of you don't think he can return and start fine, if some of you don't want him to return and start fine. But don't throw up stupid crap on this board that he doesn't know the playbook. He was here in camp and OTA's. He's been allowed to work with staff the past several weeks. He's not exactly a rookie who doesn't know the NFL speed. I'm fine if you don't want him or don't like him but don't be throwing straight up lies that he doesn't know the playbook.
No lies. Unless your playing your not learning. Trying to learn the play book without being on the field is not impossible but very unlikely for DJ who is not close to being Mensa material.

It is also KNOWING what the guys can do, in front of you and on either side. He flat does not have the experience in that area.

He has not been remotely close enough to have a feel for what has happened on the field.

Look I realize you believe that he is a stud because he led the team several years in tackles. But that means squat now in yet another scheme.

And he led them as a WLB there is no way that he is going get that spot. Not the way WW is playing. He is not going take Millers spot either so that means he has to be smart enough to beat out Brookings.

That is not going to happen either he is to dumb to make the calls on Defense for the front seven. For that matter have a clue on how to beat out Brookings.

Sorry your woody is showing again.

Do you really think the team would have told him to come back he would have to take a reduction in the remainder of his contract if they thought he was the MAN?

They plan on him as a backup, a spare part on the shelf. Get used to it.
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