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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I think the bromance with DJ is coming to an end in DEN.
So who do you think DEN should target in the draft and in FA that would make them even better on defense specifically.
I really have not not follow college ball since my daughter played VB in HS and in college. Just no time for it.

Now that I'm retired I really thought I could find the time. Ahahahahahahaha.

Busier now than ever.

So as to who the players are I just do not know.

The depth and starter areas we need help at. ( subject to existing players stepping up yet this year ).

MLB of course I said that last year also. Need a semi stud here.. A Smart one.

FS. Although carter might be that guy. But bringing on another for depth would be good.

OT maybe the top pick because I do not think Clady will get resigned as he will want to much for a position that has relevance than it did ten years ago. Clady will be tagged. Until rookie can step in.

OG backup as well as OC combo guy would be great. Our this years staters are only going to get better with the offseason workouts and conditioning.

RB as a backup up to Mc Gahee as he has a few years left.

CB as backups.

Maybe a decent WR but not as a rookie. Got to find one that has been a player for a couple of years. That way you weed out the morons like Marshall, the kid from Dallas that beat his grandmother. You see that they can play in the BIGs and if they are the typical head case that WRs normally are.

I'll take any decent WR that can make the catch consistently. Rod and Eddie come to mind. I do not care if they are super fast because the "take it to the house" happens so rarely it is irrelevant. Decker and DT speed is good enough for me.

Depending on Juilius at TE how much he grows into the spot maybe another TE.

I think we have all the LB talent we need as backups and WW, VM are not going anywhere.

I'll let the gurus like Kaylore filter out the college studs.
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