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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
NO yes, Cincy and Carolina not quite. I don't think offensive effort we got in the last 2 games would get it done against quality opponents.

I want games like the New Orleans game every week, no weaknesses, no chances. I want every team in the league to know that if you don't bring your very best in every phase of the game from whistle to whistle you might as well not show up and just take the L because that will be where you end up anyway.

Look at the Patriots, undoubtedly a dominant offense, but they need two end zone turnovers in the 4th quarter to put away the Bills - I don't ever want to be in that situation, I want to be able to put Clark, Osweiler, Willis etc. on the field in the 4th quarter to not risk injuries to Manning, Clady and Thomas.
Ok. I would counter with this. I think Cincy is better than you might think. They were coming off their bye week and we played them in their house. I would also point out they dismantled the Giants yesterday.

As for Carolina - it's a non-conference foe we see every 4 years. The boys got a win after crossing the country and being 2 weeks on the road. I am not saying that the offense gets a 'A' grade for yesterday's performance, but I think they do get a 'B'.
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