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Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
I love all the hindsighting people do around here. Manning was anything but a sure bet, otherewise there would have been more than just a handful of teams seriously interested.

It was a bold move to sign him and the rest of Elway's signing's have for the most part also be excellent, but like anything, just as easily could have flopped. What I like about it is the common sense approach, not just the names of who's brough in, like signing a veteran center when your starting center has struggled, bringing in guys like Stokley etc. that know and are comfortable with Manning and can help others along with the new offense.

Although I personally didn't like the Fox hiring, it certaintly seems that he was the right guy to correct the course and seems to know how to coach players like Manning, when to step in and when to step back, i.e., just being a guy exercising his years of experience and managing people. And possibly could get us a Super Bowl out of it.
Handful of teams? KC, Cards, Miami, San Fran, Jets, Tenn, and Denver of the top off my head expressed interest in Manning. That is 7 out of 31 teams (Colts cut him).

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