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Ayers stayed on the field for 3rd down (next play)

Ayers 8th snap:
Cam in shotgun with lone back and 3 WR set with TE.

Ayers still lined up against Gross, great burst off the snap (again) and we blitz. Doom came back in briefly but you could tell he was favoring his arm.

If you rewatch this play you can see why Gross is rated highly. His footwork is smooth and all the time he's hand punching, pushing, using his arms to try and get leverage under Ayers.

But Ayers does a tremendous job of:
1. keeping his feet moving towards Cam
2. using his arms to swat/rip/counter punch Gross from latching on.

This isn't just a plain bull rush (even though it ends that way), it's setting up the LT with great punch and hand/arm strength.

Ayers ends up converging on Cam with Von from the other side and Cam can't even tuck it and run and is forced to hurry his pass ending up in a one hopper 6 yards short of the his guy.

Oh and all of this happened in a heartbeat, less than two seconds.
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