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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
I think the bromance with DJ is coming to an end in DEN.
So who do you think DEN should target in the draft and in FA that would make them even better on defense specifically.

RB: 1st priority - FA1
Primary need going into the offseason is probably an explosive, durable Running Back, who can contribute immediately. I would scour the FA market, but wouldn't spend more than $2M per year on one, because we could just draft a gamebreaker in the 1st round if necessary. McGahee needs help, and Hillman hasn't proven anything yet.

DT: 2nd priority - FA2
I know Vickerson is coming off a 2 sack game...but up to this point, the only DT with any sacks was Wolfe. If there is an upgrade in the FA market, we have to make a play.

MLB: 3rd priority - 1st round draft pick
I have Ogletree from Georgia penciled in as our 1st round draft pick, even though he doesn't play on a very good Defense. Brooking is on his last legs, and DJ is no MLB.

Slot WR: 4th priority - FA3
Would be nice to find another Stokley-type in the FA market, or later in the draft..just worried about Old Man Stokes longevity. We have nothing behind him on the depth chart. Drafting somebody like Austin Collie (4th round)would be another way to address the issue.

CB: 5th priority - 2nd round draft pick
Porter is probably gone next year. It would be wise to spend a 2nd round draft pick to replace him on the depth chart behind Tony Carter. Keep Harris in the slot.

SS: 6th priority - 3rd round draft pick
Mike Adams hasn't been terribly effective against TE's this year. I think Q. Carter's days are done after microfracture. Probably a good idea to draft another 3rd round SS to compete with Adams.
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