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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
What is it that y'all do not get. Dj had to renegioatate his contract to lower his money in order to come back.

Does that sound remotely like they value his value? That they plan to start him in a defense he has had zero time playing in over the last ten weeks?

It would be a slap in the face to everyone on the team, considering he brought this all on himself by being a dumb ass, to start him over the guys that got this defense into the top ten.

If he did not redo the contract he was not coming back. Period.

His participation level on the field depends solely on someone getting hurt. Or needing an breather.

He does not know the play book, has not practiced it, nor played it. MLB is a cerebral position unlike WLB. Lots of the success since mays was dropped, the improvement of the D is the direct result in Brookings making the right calls for the defense. Not his being a great athlete, replacing that would be a huge mistake.

John, John and JDR have went out of their way to bring in smart players, with no history of doing dumb things. DJ will not be on this team next year at least not as a starter and certainly not at 6 mil.
I think the bromance with DJ is coming to an end in DEN.
So who do you think DEN should target in the draft and in FA that would make them even better on defense specifically.
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