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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Tell me who DJ would be playing ahead right now.
Koppen is playing better than Walton
Carter wasn't necessarily ahead of Moore and Adams
Mays, lol
Yeah, we've lost several guys how can you say something like I don't think we've lost many? Walton was playing very well so flush that one down the toilet, Carter could be playing at a high level, you never know. DJ for sure would be on the field, don't even try to pretend. Hunter was really starting to come on strong. Warren, at full strength, please, he was a difference maker, losing him hurt us and made us thinner. Kuper out weeks at a time. Now Doom. WTF dude, we haven't lost many? You can have your opinion but don't act like we haven't lost some people. We've been hit as hard as any other team as far as injuries go.
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