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TJ Ward

There is a lot of speculation coming from the USC side that Lane Kiffin will be fired after the season. JDR is the apparent front runner for the position should it come available. He has some strong ties with the AD. It sucks because I feel like he's doing a great job but I think he's good as gone unless SC finds a way to go undefeated the rest of the way and knock off Oregon to win the Pac 12 in the P12 championship game.

In regards to our team, I feel pretty strong about it. You can see a lot of the same characteristics that the 97' team had... minus one Terrell Davis. That's a huge difference. We aren't there in the run game and as solid as McGahee has been 90% of the time, he is prone to some really dumb plays like his two fumbles yesterday. It only takes one of those to end a campaign in the playoffs. I wish we also had a little more depth at WR/DT. I'm skeptical that Stokley will stay healthy the whole year. Otherwise, I feel we put a lot of pressure on teams having to stop us on offense, defense, and special teams. The defense and ST's are explosive, giving Manning additional firepower and points on the board. That was a signature of our championship teams with Darrien Gordon and others. Fingers crossed that we can run the table and host a few playoff games. Might be the difference there. That Baltimore game in December will have a lot riding on it. It's fun to be able to talk about this stuff again.
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