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There are two plays in question. The OP got everyone confused bc he got them mixed up. The 4th and 10 came at the end of the half. The 4th and 2 came earlier in the quarter. We did attempt a FG after the bad spot on 4th and 2 and Prater missed it. The problem with that play is it was a terrible spot on what looked like a potential 1st down. If not a 1st down, then a 4th and an inch.

I'm fine with not kicking the FG on 4th and 10. If there were 3 sec left maybe. You are up 17-7 on the road you dont give the home team an opportunity to swing the momentum and get the crowd into it.
Me too, not only are you up 10 but you deferred and get the ball back right after the half. Kick it away and let the half end.
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