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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Good god people.

Right now Wolfe is giving us the kind of production we got out of Ayers last season. Very good run D and flashes of pass rush. I would even say Wolfe is doing a tangible amount better at generating pass rush than Ayers could last year. This is what he's doing as a rookie. Wolfe is a valuable part of the DL rotation.

Ayers is starting to step it up and he definitely should start getting in the mix more, but that doesn't mean you just sit Wolfe. I'd rather see them get Doom off the field more (assuming he's even healthy now) on potential rushing downs and get Ayers on the field along with Wolfe in nickel and dime packages when possible.

Ayers stepping up doesn't mean we drag Wolfe down, just that we look for more opportunities for Ayers to contribute.
Agree! I think Ayers in the lineup opposite Wolfe makes a lot of sense. It will definitely help vs the run.
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