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Orange Julius

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Torn labrums are four week to four month recovery. That's not good.
Torn labrums are not four weeks... No way no how. The good news, he could possibly play with a torn labrum. It will limit his arm range of motion which is bad for a player like Doom. But, it could put him into a 3rd down specialist type of role which isn't necessarily at bad fit. If he decides to have it repaired through surgery, it's at least 10 weeks and that is super aggressive. It took me 6 months and I specifically asked my doc and PT how long a professional athlete would take to recover. They said with twice daily therapy, possibly 2-3 months.

Ed Reed is playing through a torn labrum right now as well... If it is indeed a torn labrum.

Also, if it is a labrum injury, he would be risking a dislocated shoulder as the labrum is what secures the shoulder's AC Joint. Kind of a small tendon that overlaps the socket to hold everything tightly in place.
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