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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I see the Broncos running a lot of 4-2 Nickel and 5-2 the rest of the long as they can continue to stop the run with it.

The Broncos need two, fast LB's, who can both stop the run effectively, and cover a TE/RB. It's gonna be DJ and WW, with DJ being the MIKE (just like the plays he tweeted). Trevathan has earned his time, and won't give it up easy...which is how you want it.

Fox and JDR are on to something might just get us to the Superbowl.
Here we go again DJ is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

He redid his contract at a cut in pay to come back to the team.

Does that sound like he is expecting a heros welcome?

He is coming back with his tail between his legs protecting his sack.

Unless something drastic happens injury wise he will not see the field except to spell someone.

The front seven has done extraordinary things so far this year without him, to insert him into that would not only disrupt continuity but be a slap in the face to all that actually played by the rules and were not dumb asses.

John E has worked very hard to bring in class players since he got here. DJ is not one he would have signed if he was not already here.
To top it all off they expect him to take a couple of weeks to even get into game shape.
Dj will not be a bronco next year.
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