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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
that's fine. When you start BS threads, claiming inside info to toll the boards as some sort of "vengance" because of a brief TO...that doesn't sit well with me and has sapped you of all credibility in my eyes. I don't forget crap like that. Bringing up the Deangelo trade again really rubs me the wrong way.

I'm not pissed that you aren't a Willis fan, I'm pissed that you are a giant troll and still have posting ability.

Oh, im sorry I broke amendment 1. article 6 of the Orange Mane constitution written way back in 1999 by our fearless founder, the great Taco John. My trial date has yet to be set, but I can only guess the the jury consisting of Lonestar and his brethren will not take kindly to my action.

Get the **** over yourself!

Its a message board. You're just mad, bc you fell for it. It was funny dude, and it had people talking. Stop
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