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I'm not saying the "challenge" would have been needed. If he couldn't that's fine. It was 4th and 2. Still would not have changed things.

Honestly, I would much rather go for it, not get it, then allow my set defense to go out there and defend a single attempt at a 60 hail mary pass then to defend a punt return. I think if you guys look at stats, I betcha there the odds are better at a punt being returned for a TD then a hail marry pass.

Just my opinion though. I'm allowed.
You keep saying 4 and 1. If I remember correctly it was 4 and 10 from Carolina 49. As I pointed out there was a lot that could go wrong to risk a chance at a long fg. It's not terrible logic its playing the game right in a game we were dominating. You don't want to give other team life especially when you get ball back after the half. Kudos to Fox for finally taking ball in second half vs opening kickoff.
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