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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Terrible logic. You could have that view of every single play in the game. Cmon man get real. You don't throw the ball. You challenge the spot, get it to 4th and 1 and you run it. If you don't make it, probably leaves 3 to 4 seconds on the clock. Yeah, about a 1-500 chance Carolina would get a TD on that one play. On the other hand, we have a very good chance at getting points.

I betcha more then half the guy saying it was smart to punt are the same guys that said it was ok to have Leonard returning all punts and kicks just because they felt safe he wouldn't blow it, but knowing he didn't have any shot for a big play.

It's not Madden, I get that. But the reward vs risk was big time in Broncos favor. Understand that.
So throw away a challenge to get another yard. You don't seem to understand that even if Denver WON that challenge to get the yard they LOSE the challenge.
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