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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
The TD to Stokely was well designed, they got the entire D between the right hash and the right sideline then let Stokely leak out across the grain, it was designed to go that way from the get go. Beautiful play.

I thought today we kept it conservative because we were up on the road. When we needed a big play they were able to dial up one, ie the deep pass to DT on the last TD drive.

I like that he stays with the run and keeps D's honest. Why show all your good stuff when your up big?
That TD to Stokley was another great play design like the Dreesen TD last week, you show one type of play with 10 players on the field all selling that play, meanwhile the guy who is least important to that play is sneaking away and getting wide open for an easy score.

You could tell in the 3rd quarter especially we were being conservative, playing with a big lead against an offense that had nothing to threaten us with. One thing that was a worry was how Tamme and Decker were both shut down, we will need them in games against better teams.

One last thing, Thomas is quickly becoming a beast, he had one drop today but was targeted more than any other player and came up with some beautiful catches and gained some nice yards after the catch as well - he is really starting to look like a dominant target who plays short and long passes equally well.
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