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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
at all the people talking up McCoy. The dude is still the most predictable playcaller in the league. Just because he has Manning and two young receivers who are emerging as real playmakers doesn't mean he's a good OC. The guy is terrible. Today was a great example of the disjointed, predicable garbage this guy pulls all the time.
The TD to Stokely was well designed, they got the entire D between the right hash and the right sideline then let Stokely leak out across the grain, it was designed to go that way from the get go. Beautiful play.

I thought today we kept it conservative because we were up on the road. When we needed a big play they were able to dial up one, ie the deep pass to DT on the last TD drive.

I like that he stays with the run and keeps D's honest. Why show all your good stuff when your up big?
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