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Bradley Roby

McGahee CAN learn not to fumble. He has to want to and revise his running style where he swings his meat cleaver arms and the ball like a breadbasket whenever he thinks hes in the clear, rarely having any awareness at all of tacklers coming from the side or behind and trying to punch the ball out.

If Tiki Barber who was 'Mr. Fumble' himself can learn not to fumble, which he very much did .. he protected the ball better than any RB in the league his last number of years after nearly losing his job over his loose balls .. then so can Willis McGahee learn to keep his head in the game and hold that Freakin' ball tight across his chest with the point of the ball locked in his palm pointed upward and across his sternum.

Whenever he his rushing through a crowd he MUST wrap two arms around that Freakin' ball I don't care if he feels like it slows him down .. it wont .. just keep pumping those legs numbskull!

If he keeps this up it is gonna cost us a critical game, most likely in the playoffs when it all matters most. No excuses at 31 years old ... that he often falls back on: "It just happens and is part of the game and the other guys get paid too" and such crap.

The coaching staff has got to force this on him Now, and make him work on it non-stop this and every week of the remaining season. We need to get a solid RB in FA or the draft as well that can hold on to the rock and move the chains too.
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