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D.J. Williams

SoCal's Updated Top 10

1. Oregon- Struggled in teh first half, but really turned it on in hte second half at Cal. Mariota has been amazing the last two games in particular. Defense continues to be a concern.
2. Kansas State- Excellent defensive performance at TCU (who was ranked for much of the year).
3. Ohio State- They had a bye, but are the third best undefeated team, IMO.
4. Alabama- Luck finally caught up with them against A&M. They've looked vulnerablet he last two games, this time they couldn't stop Manziel. They still have a chance to reach the BCS title game.
5. Georgia- For some reason, Richt's Bulldogs have been under the radar this season, but they're a really good team. I thought earlier they would definitely get beat in the SECCG but I'm not so sure now.
6. LSU- Nice win against Miss. St. They're still smarting from last week though, I'm sure
7. Florida State- Barely escaped against VT due to Rashad Greene's catch and run. The Noles are a lock for the Orange Bowl.
8. Notre Dame- Another weak performance. A 15 point win at BC? Miami beat BC at BC by 9, so I'm not impressed yet again. This is 3 loss team masquerading as undefeated.
9. Texas A&M- Very impressed by Manziel's performance at Alabama. If this team had not blown some 4th quarter leads earlier this year, they would be in the national title discussion.
10. Clemson- Another big win for the Tigers. Outside of a terrible 2nd half at Florida State, they have been dominant in ACC play.

(Note: Florida has dropped out of my Top 10, despite having just one loss due to two consecutive awful performances, the record doesnt matter, its how you play that matters).
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