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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Everyone knew Peyton and his release would improve things.

To an extent.

OTOH You're too myopic and incapable to notice that someone like Beadles is getting to, making and finishing blocks where he's been blown off the snap before. Or how much stronger we are at C with Koppen instead of Walton.

Things like that have nothing to do with Manning son.
Aww, bull****! We had numerous clowns on here (friends of yours, of course) who said this team was full of non-talented players who wouldn't be able to protect Manning, or catch his passes, or stop opposing offenses from scoring....and scoffed at the idea that a QB with his ability would make those around him better...but these same morons thought some crude version of Alley Oop could.

Koppen is an upgrade, nobody said he wasn't.....but you're still too butt hurt by the dumping of your hero from UF to see that Peyton being a perfectionist and having higher standards is contagious to his teammates.

He holds them accountable because he's a much better leader who commands respect and demands nothing but the very best out of himself and his team mates.

Guys like Thomas and Decker while still making the occasional mistake are head and shoulders better than they were when they had cro-magnon clown throwing the ****ing ball to and mentoring them.
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