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Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post
Rehabbing from pot?

Wow. They must be smoking some incredible **** down there.

Anywho, plain and simple, you're obviously the product of a very narrow perspective. First and foremost, there doesn't HAVE to be any kind of dependency when it comes to booze OR drugs, as you've stated in previous posts (you can now drink to enjoy the taste). Sounds to me like you've experienced the extreme in terms of who you've come in contact with as it pertains to smoking ganj. I know PLENTY of individuals that are brilliant/business owners/managers/musicians/students/ who smoke weed on a regular basis, and no negative impact on their lifestyle/work habits. Yes, I also know a few (literally three) people who've fallen into the category of "ineffectively doing their jobs", but that's more the exception than the rule.

On this particular subject, you come off as uneducated and holier than thou, with a very narrow minded view. Yes, we heard you. As long as it doesn't affect you and yours, then go ahead and do whatever you'd like! but really, you have disdain for those that aren't walking your same path. That's your prerogative, but you still come across as an a-hole. It actually seems like a pretty common theme amongst your posts. You really ooze a snobbish/parvenu type of attitude. Whatev.

For the record, I'm in complete agreement with the NFL's decision on this particular matter. If they have a drug policy, then you abide by it.
As for those that have not been affected, good for them until they are. It is just a matter of time.

As I said before it does not take mind altering drugs for me to speak what is on my mind and how I feel about things. Learned a very long time ago that all that holds you back is your inhibitions.
I realize loads of folk do not like me because if what I say but frankly I do not give a crap. I speak from experience and have been quite successful because I am honest.

Been fired from a couple of jobs because I would not tow the company line when it was a load of crap. But always found a higher paying job shortly thereafter making more money, because there are businessmen that appreciate hearing facts.

That said

In the real business world unless they are in the creative areas of said business the odds are they will Peter Principle out. Or in other words reach their level of in compentcy or dependency.

As for your stance on NFL policy.
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