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Matty P

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
The issue I have with it is the dependency that come with ANY drug or booze.

I have had employees that I saw a drop in effiency in performance reviews and did not really understand until the company came out with a policy on drugs. Some of my best subordinate managers and supervisors turned themselves in because they had become so bad they had no life outside work.

After rehab they once again became outstanding employees. In fact even better in one case.

So I frankly do not believe that it is a victim less issue. While I have had a limited view of it the doctors and nurses I have known tell me much the same thing.

I personally do not care if someone wants to drink or use as long as I, my friends or family are not directly affected.

But again I just do not understand the need.
Rehabbing from pot?

Wow. They must be smoking some incredible **** down there.

Anywho, plain and simple, you're obviously the product of a very narrow perspective. First and foremost, there doesn't HAVE to be any kind of dependency when it comes to booze OR drugs, as you've stated in previous posts (you can now drink to enjoy the taste). Sounds to me like you've experienced the extreme in terms of who you've come in contact with as it pertains to smoking ganj. I know PLENTY of individuals that are brilliant/business owners/managers/musicians/students/ who smoke weed on a regular basis, and no negative impact on their lifestyle/work habits. Yes, I also know a few (literally three) people who've fallen into the category of "ineffectively doing their jobs", but that's more the exception than the rule.

On this particular subject, you come off as uneducated and holier than thou, with a very narrow minded view. Yes, we heard you. As long as it doesn't affect you and yours, then go ahead and do whatever you'd like! but really, you have disdain for those that aren't walking your same path. That's your prerogative, but you still come across as an a-hole. It actually seems like a pretty common theme amongst your posts. You really ooze a snobbish/parvenu type of attitude. Whatev.

For the record, I'm in complete agreement with the NFL's decision on this particular matter. If they have a drug policy, then you abide by it.
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