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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
McCoy is the best OC we have had since Kubes left.

Love how they dictate the Defensive package by showing jumbo and then go wide.

This should also work on 3rd and short as well.

Got to love Fox trusting his guys!
Once we making them start thinking just before the snap the more opportunities of ciaos

An old Cary Grant movie Operation Petty Coat IIRC Had a young Lt that was the king of scrounge.. A quote I will never forget was during an air raid on the base they were at trying to get supplies.. As he raced out the door he said " In confusion there is Profit". Meaning while everyone was running around trying to protect themselves those with guts can get all the supplies they needed to get the Boat fixed and out to sea and into the war..

Now that said the next time we line up that way the LB's most likely will sell on the pass and then we run it..

they now have to practice stopping it.. which means they have another play they can't practice till they get it right..

Does anyone believe we could pull all this off without Manning running it?
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