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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
The issue I have with it is the dependency that come with ANY drug or booze.

I have had employees that I saw a drop in effiency in performance reviews and did not really understand until the company came out with a policy on drugs. Some of my best subordinate managers and supervisors turned themselves in because they had become so bad they had no life outside work.

After rehab they once again became outstanding employees. In fact even better in one case.

So I frankly do not believe that it is a victim less issue. While I have had a limited view of it the doctors and nurses I have known tell me much the same thing.

I personally do not care if someone wants to drink or use as long as I, my friends or family are not directly affected.

But again I just do not understand the need.
I understand the point of view, but the question I have is, do you think alcohol should be prohibited as well? If you did your perspective would at least be consistent and I'd give you credit for it.

I'm personally very libertarian when it comes to individual rights. The issue of a "victim" should be pretty straight forward. Are you infringing on another persons right to life, liberty, property, welfare? If not, the law should stay out of it. It shouldn't be against the law to be a jerk. It shouldn't be against the law to be self destructive or abusive. People have the right to fail.

Not that I think drinking or using pot is obviously an indication of these things, even if you do. But it's not your business what other people do if they aren't getting in the way of what other people do.

Yes, people can do stupid things when they use pot. That doesn't mean everyone shouldn't have the right to use pot responsibly. People do stupid things with guns. That doesn't mean everyone shouldn't have the right to own a gun responsibly. What the law should address is the actions people take when they use these things irresponsibly. But not simply using them itself when the act alone does nothing to infringe on another's rights.

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