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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
I know it's 80 percent with 5 years of being out of the league. We have no clue whether or not Von will. The baby mommas, huge houses(one of the primary reasons they go broke), 15 cars, 100k jewelry will have them broke a lot quicker than trips to Vegas.
You're right, we don't know. For all we know this was just one crazy weekend he had, and that's really not the lifestyle that he leads. But come on, chances are that is the lifestyle that he leads, just like the rest of them.

I want to make it clear, I am in no way judging him as a person. I went back and read some of this tread, where people were calling him a prick and other names. I in no way think this is a sign that he is a bad guy. If he wants to blow his money, there is really nothing wrong with that, well, legally or morally. It's stupid, but that doesn't make somebody a bad guy.

The pictures that started this thread are a sign that he is living the lifestyle that the bulk of these high priced athletes lead, and that lifestyle leads them to being broke. I don't see the issue in pointing that out.

This kind of seems like a conversation that I've had with a female family member. I was making a point that most people who get married or into a serious, long term relationship at a young age (late teens or early 20s), and have children, usually end up breaking up, which did happen to me. Then she got all bent out of shape, saying that just because it happened to me doesn't mean that it will happen to most people, and that everybody is different. Well guess what, most of the people that I know who did that ended up breaking up with the person that they were with, and some of them end up getting into having multiple children with multiple people (I didn't do that). Funny that the stats shows that it is true. I believe that 90 percent of couples who were married as teenagers end up divorced. Hey, but everybody is different. lol Really thinking about it, I only know one couple from high school that is still together 15 years later. I've had an active dating life over the years, and it is a trip how many single women I come across who have children, and single women say the same thing about men that they date.

The point of that side story is that when people engage in a lifestyle where a high percentage of those people end up in a certain situation, then chances are that person is going to end up just like the rest of them.
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