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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
The odds are overwhelmingly better -- alchohol related accidents are one of the biggest causes of untimely deaths in the country. It's very, very significant.
I can say that anytime I've had something to drink inide of two hours I have never drove.

Now I'm no longer a drinker other than an occasional glass of Asti, sake or baileys. So it has been easy for me. I usually am the DD driver because I made it clear to my friends that I do not have to imbibe to have a good time.

After a couple of really crap faced drunk episodes, I figured out that I can be my self and not drink. In other words do not have to drink to loosen my tongue nor inhibitions.

Those are the biggie reason that folks drink in excess, to feel better. To be their yahoo self and still be able to blame the booze or drugs.

I got past that point and just am at peace with who I am.

Saved a ton of money over the past 30+ years. Now when I drink a glass or two it is because I enjoy the taste and not because I want to dull the pain.

I do not understand why others feel the need to be out of their skins. Other than they do not like themselves all that much.

Donning my asbestos suit. Fire away.
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