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This play was brilliant due to the match ups as pointed out... Bengals defenders got their assignments mixed up and mis matches across the field... put the defense into a "thinking" mode.

I don't believe there was a screen being sold here, however you can make an argument... I personally think the defense got confused on match ups and responsibilities, while they looked to be playing zone... and these types of plays where the TE ends up at the back of the endzone running out work great against goal line zone coverages...Patriots run this all the time against zone goal line.

It's hard to tell without game tape of more games to see what the defense ran there, but obviously the Broncos saw something in tape that made them draw up that play.

If Tamme would have just ran an out route at the top of the endzone with Dreessen running and 1 or 2 yard in, Tamme probably would have been wide open too (not as open as Dresssen on this play though).

58 Mualuga's technique was so far off to really stop any passing play at the upper right half the endzone... and 99 Lawson would have been taken out by any short quick route by Dreessen.

Good work

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