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Yes, of course it will, but pretty much every single thing that is legal to do in our society has rules and regulations around them, but they are legal. That's not the same thing as decriminalization.
I don't understand what point you're trying to make -- you asked me "what are you even talking about?" and I tried to clarify. Don't think I can anymore.

This whole thread is supposed to be about whether we think the NFL is "right or wrong" to maintain its policy, and I'm saying I think they're right. I don't know what how the semantics come into it.

If I had to guess, I'd say you feel strongly that it should be clarified the difference between something being "legalized" and "decriminalized." But I thought that got really well clarified right early in the thread.

Can you finish the thought? Are you saying that based on a semantic distinction, the NFL is not within its legal rights to maintain its policy? Because I figure the courts will sort that out if in fact this one state changing means that nationwide employers are required to allow pot smoking. I thought we were just weighing on what we thought was right or wrong.

I do not believe that legalizing the smoking weed creates a protected, enforceable right to smoke it -- all sorts of other rights, such as property rights, contract rights, etc, will come into play to limit the ability of people to smoke it and still be wherever or do whatever they want. There will still be places, jobs, and organizations that say "we don't allow that," and "but it is legal" will not be enough to override that pronouncement.
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