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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post

2. Kansas City Chiefs. They were supposed to be a threat to win the AFC West, the team that would challenge San Diego and Denver for the division championship. Well, they're a threat all right ... they're a threat to the league turnover mark of 65, set by Denver in 1961. The Chiefs are so bad that their fan base -- usually one of the most loyal, supportive and enthusiastic anywhere -- has turned on the team, calling for an organization overhaul and cheering quarterback Matt Cassel when he was hurt. That isn't like them, but, of course, what's going on isn't anything like the Chiefs, either. They flat-out stink, signing free-agent Stanford Routt to replace cornerback Brandon Carr, then cutting Routt this week. Now coach Romeo Crennel has turned over the defensive coordinator's job to assistant Gary Gibbs and said Brady Quinn starts at quarterback when he recovers from his concussion. Basically, it's a mess in Kansas City, with the Chiefs the early favorite to gain the first pick in next year's draft. They haven't spent a first-round pick on a quarterback since 1983, but the smart money says they will next year ... because they must.
Good. That's a record that NEEDS to be broken. I can't think of a much more deserving team, than Kansas City...
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