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D.J. Williams

Great play calling Jedd Fisch. Two different drives...all we need is one 1st down or at least milk some clock. Cant do it. Thanks for wasting almost 300 all purpose yards by Duke.

I'm waiting for things to start magically turning around and us to be in the BCS games, cause we haven't been good for 10 eyars, are facing sanctions, have lost numerous last second games. Enough is enough. When is this **** gonna stop. Where the **** is the law of averages? Where the **** is it?

There was NO excuse to lose this game up 10 in the 4th. One first down how hard is that? How bout stopping 1 of the 2 4th and 7s? Things better get alot better and fast. And by alot better I mean we better win the last two, the NCAA better say we havent found anything, beat FSU in the ACCCG and win a BCS game, because enough is ****ing enough. There hasn't been a single thing right in 10 years. We've lost more last second games than anyone. He ****ing had 300 yards and stupidity in play calling lost the game. Great wasted effort. Much props to the staff for blowing the game.

This **** has to end. I'm tired of it. This was a win, no questions asked. They need to get the sixth and seventh win against USF and Duke and then self impose the ACCCG and the bowl game for the second yer in a row and next year BETTER be great and by great I dont mean 9-3, I mean great.

Oh wait did I say Duke had 300 all purpose I mean 366 all purpose yards. All for naught because of stupidity. And I don't want an explanation of how they lost this game. Becaue an explanation and 75 cents gets me a mediocre cup of coffee. Here's the test: Wll anything the staff says change the result? If Yes, then I'll hear it, if not STFU. Don't do a press conference, because no one wants to hear it. Just STFU and prepare for USF. You threw away a game so there's nothing to say.

Pro tip: Suspending Eddie Johnson AND Rashawn Scott wasn't a good idea. We would have EASILY won if they had played, even with Perryman and Bush injured. I don't care what rule they violated. Your rules aren't important. Get over it. I don't give a **** what they did. I want someone to ask what is the staff thinking of doing to punish itself for this loss. Someone from the Herald has to ask that. Someone has to suffer for this. Thta's right.....actual human suffering, I'm waiting for it.

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