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It's unhealthy to smoke anything. It's a crude combustion process because it doesn't occur at a high enough thermodynamic temperature, or in an environment with excess oxygen. This "dirty" combustion creates a lot of unwanted byproducts including Nitrogen oxides, which are harmful. That being said, many of the cannabinoids present in the plant have been shown to have significant anti-carcinogenic affect. Most people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes either use a vaporizer or make edibles, thereby avoiding any of the negative health effects.

Prohibition has hurt more people than legalization EVER willl.

Not only does it cause lung cancer it is now widely known to increase the cause of testicular cancer in young males. I've seen permanent damage that its causes to my family. People can tell me it's harmless and beneficial, but not to me. I have 2 family members gone as a direct result.
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