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My uncle died of lung cancer. Never smoked a cigarette in his life but smoked alot of weed. Doctors said it was the weed. My cousin died in a car accident where the driver was high on weed. Don't give me this not bad crap when clearly it affects innocent people.
It's unhealthy to smoke anything. It's a crude combustion process because it doesn't occur at a high enough thermodynamic temperature, or in an environment with excess oxygen. This "dirty" combustion creates a lot of unwanted byproducts including Nitrogen oxides, which are harmful. That being said, many of the cannabinoids present in the plant have been shown to have significant anti-carcinogenic affect. Most people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes either use a vaporizer or make edibles, thereby avoiding any of the negative health effects.

Prohibition has hurt more people than legalization EVER willl.
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