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Default Brilliance in Match-Ups

I want to dive right into one of the most creative plays that I can recall seeing in terms of game-planning favorable match-ups: The Dreessen TD.

Initially, the play looks standard… Peyton Manning hitting a TE in the back of the end zone for 6. We’ve seen it a hundred times (literally). But something caught my eye on the lineup of this play:

Curiously enough, that’s Dreessen at the top of the image lined up at split end in a single-back shotgun formation. Now my curiosity’s piqued and I start examining the play closer. That’s Tamme underneath in the slot. Now I’m wondering if they’re using the formation to give Decker or Demaryius an isolated match-up at flanker.

…nope. That’s Virgil Green.

Three Tight Ends split out wide in a shotgun? And if all of our TE’s are playing outside… who the heck is on the LOS at TE?!?!? Chris Clark, our swing tackle and extra goalline blocker.
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Sorry, I'd post more, but it's hard with the pics I have up to visually show what I'm talking about.
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