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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by hambone13 View Post
You guys rock. I've been in the process of moving so I haven't been around to thank you for doing the show but I adore it. Not to take anything away from previous shows but the show is significantly more entertaining when the Rev is there and his knowledge is a just a bonus. Not to mention Chris K. is an excellent addition as well. Every show needs the obscure Decker gay reference to keep the ladies interested ;-)

While I appreciate the show to the degree that I shouldn't b**** and I'm not saying any of you are a-holes for ever not doing or being on the show but you're a-holes for not doing or being on the show.
We all know this.

Originally Posted by hambone13 View Post
It's not any worse than Rev's excuse for being on the road during his Decker love promotion tour featured at all the truck stops across the country.

I know it was Chris that made the reference to Decker but Rev is in denial and it's a convenient excuse for not making the show ever damn week...
Also very true.

PS. Happy Birthday
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