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game time tomorrow! What's the final verdict on head-count?

I will be driving in and parking @ 427 W. Trade St., Charlotte, NC 28202. The lot is full, so if you are driving in and haven't secured your spot already, you are on your own for parking.

I will be in a Silver Buick Enclave wearing an old-school orange Elway jersey, and my wife will probably be in a white McAffrey Jersey (yeah, i know - time to upgrade jerseys). I answer to the name of Mark. We will have Bronco corn-hole boards out, a small hibachi-style grill, a blue shade-hut, 12-pack of beer, some assorted misc food (maybe a pot of chili). I will bring an empty cooler filled with ice - if anyone is walking in, BYOB but I can at least keep it cold for you.

TSI: you mentioned bringing in a keg. Will you guys need help with that?

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