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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
So, for example, I wouldn't be able to disallow smoking weed on my property? It's a protected, enforceable, right to smoke weed, such that no other relationships -- property, contract, employment, etc. -- can come into play? It has been exalted to the level of a religion, I take it?

I'm not bothering to read the thing. It feels kind of like you're wrong about that. I'm just using the Force to detect that.
No, no, no.

Why are you having so much trouble with this?

100 other posters in this thread are making it clear. We're all on the same page but you. Now that weed has been legalized, you as a person can legally smoke it, but your employer can also enforce his legal rights to fire you for it (unless you have a signed contract with him/her that says you can smoke it and not be fired for it). "Legal" and "allowable on the job" are two different things.
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