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Well to be honest, Mark Jackson is schlepping Bazi. Which is also a multi level marketing model too. A member posted about it here and we were joking about it, to which you got upset about. Granted this was before the proliferation of Facebook as an every hour tool of society. So I can see your point about the message that is sent with those over the top posts.

Note: the one member was in no way posting that over the top stuff so these aren't similar situation in that aspect. Just the whole MLM discussion jogged the memory.

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
try being friends with Rod Smith on FB. Talk about disgusting. Dude is luring poor folks into his coffee multi level marketing BS with posts like "Want to be rich like me? Come to hotel XYZ and find out how". It's sad.

He was a hell of a Broncos player so I certainly respect that. He's found a way to cash in on his fame at the expense of fools who are desperate enough to plunk down $400 or $500 and be part of his "network". Top guys like Rod win in pyramid schemes and the poor folks get poorer.

Organo gold coffee? Come on. If I want good coffee I got to costco and get a bag of Dunkin Donuts for like $20 bucks. Last a couple months. You can't beat it.
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