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The states of Colorado and Washington have voted to make recreational marijuana legal to 21-year-old residents as long as they only posses one ounce at a time. However, the NFL has told its players that live in these states they are not allowed to use marijuana despite the new laws. Is it right or wrong for the NFL to still make it a banned substance when it is legal in some playersí home states?

What does this mean for Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks players?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that these states legalizing marijuana will not change anything with the way the league handles drug testing and suspensions. Marijuana has always been on the NFLís substance abuse list and if tested positive for marijuana, a player faces up to a four-game suspension. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says thatís not about the change

Well that's OK in fairness, substances banned by a sporting organisation arent necessarily illegal after all so the NFL is entitled to not allow it.
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