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Originally Posted by Broncomutt View Post
Except Panther fans and players don't really hate Fox. There isn't the venom towards him that Bronco fans feel towards McLoser. Most people understand the current woes of the Panthers is more a front office mess than Fox's poor organizational skills.

Having said that, there's little love for the guy as well. It's not like he's Shanny returning to Denver as HC of the Skins.

Fox never had back to back winning seasons, but he also put Carolina in 2 NFCCG and 1 SB. The feeling mostly is "There were ups and downs, let's move on."

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I don't really see Peyton Manning wanting revenge on the Panthers owner, either. Honestly Manning gets up for every game. I don't think a perceived slight means Manning is going to "try really hard" to make the owner feel bad. That's not even on Manning's radar.

Broncos coach John Fox is doing everything he can to downplay his return to Bank of America Stadium, where he coached the Carolina Panthers for nine seasons before an acrimonious 2010 season led to his departure after his contract was not renewed.

"They all count the same, the last time I looked," Fox said.

But he knows that he can keep reciting cliches about this week's game being no more important than any other and that no one will listen.

"You guys are welcome to your own thoughts," he said as he closed his press briefing after Wednesday's practice. "I've been doing this for 25 years and have had a lot of homecomings.

"It will be good to get back and see some old friends and revisit some relationships that I built over nine years there. It's a business trip and we're getting our team ready and we'll see where it leads us."

But none of those previous "homecomings" were to a place where Fox had been the head coach. Or the winningest coach in that club's history. Or had coached more than half of that team's all-time games. Or where he still had his family's dream home -- in a state where two of his grown children now reside.

But it seems like some of his players know better.

"I definitely understand what he's saying as far as having to prepare like it's any other game, but it's going to be emotional on Sunday for him," tight end Joel Dreessen said. "Any time you spend a lot of time at a place, you're going to have some emotional attachment."

And sometimes the emotion filters down to the players. It certainly didn't hurt the Indianapolis Colts in 2003, when ex-Bucs coach Tony Dungy led them to a 38-35 win at Tampa Bay in which they overcame a 28-7 deficit in the final five minutes of regulation before winning in overtime. The Colts' quarterback that night was Peyton Manning.

"I think every week you want to win for your head coach," Manning said. "I've always wanted to believe players should want to win for many reasons -- and one of them should be your head coach."
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