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I always prefer going after vet DT's rather than drafting them (unless you're talking about later rounds). The ratio of hit and miss in DTs seems to be weighed more toward miss than at any other position. The Broncos have been so weak up the middle for so long, at some point they just have to put a cover MLB and a Safety as top priority.
I certainly think you and Nick are right about the impact of veteran DTs verse rookies. There are some really really good DT options in the draft, both NT and UT options. The interesting part is where does Wolfe fit next year? And with both the Kentucky LBs as Will options, I don't think they draft a WLB. Woodyard is the starter, Trevethan we hope is the long term option. That leaves MLB as the pressing need. Mosley is athletic and may prove to be a realistic late first round option. I like Te'o obviously, then Mosley and Reddick are intriguing options. Arthur Brown and Andrew Jackson are also intriguing prospects I am evaluating.

Safety also has to be addressed. There are some intriguing prospects there, but the front office may really like Carter at SS long term.
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