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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Well to be fair a lot of Manning's passes are not going very far. The 80 yard pass to Thomas for instance. ALso the 30 yarder to Decker last week was a simple crossing pattern. I do agree though the term dink and dunk was a very poor choice of words.
I repeat. His 8.23 yards per attempt is the second highest of his career. Peyton has always utilized the short passing game (or dinking and dunking as Clayton calls it) Clayton's implication is that he is utilizing it more heavily this year when the numbers clearly contradict his assertion.

And yes, Thomas, Decker, ect. have at times broken for some big gains after the catch to raise that number. But Peyton is currently completing over 55% of his pass attempts that travel at least 20 yards through the air. That is another number that is up there with his career best. Dude is killing all phases of the passing game this year and if anything is more balanced between short/intermediary/long passing than he has ever been. For Clayton to claim otherwise is just a staggering display of ignorance.
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