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Danny Trevathan

In the years since the SB wins defense was Shanny's biggest failing. And I think the biggest issue there was that he wasn't prepared to get a top DC in, then step back and let them run it. He usually hired lesser guys who knew their stuff but did as they were told

Just look at Houston. Kubiak followed the shanny blueprint and built a team that looked a lot like the broncos 99-08 vintage: struggling to get past.500, losing games they ought to win etc etc. But then Kubiak brough in Phillips to run the defense and - hey presto, suddenly you have a a decent defense with kubiak happy to step back and let Phillips do his thing, and the team starts winning.

Look at McD and Nolan: stellar defense, then McD starts meddling, Nolan walks and defense falls apart. Too much control freakery.

Now we see the same problems on the Washington defense since shanny took over....

So overall I'm glad Shanny's gone, he was probably fired a year or two too late in fact. BUT despite that I will always remember him for those superbowl wins that I think he fully deserves the credit for, and always appreciate him for that.

Yes he had a HOF QB, but so did Dan Reeves! Are people forgetting about those horrible superbowl blowouts?? Shanny managed to do a better job of surrounding ELway with talent and got enough decisions right to land us 2 lombardis - not an easy task.

I'm inclined to believe those who suggest that he got more stuck in his ways after the SB wins. Certainly he seems stuck in a rut, and a year or two off watching the rest of the league doesn't seem to have shown him any new tricks, which is disappointing......
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