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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
Its the 99 and later Shanny that was the issue. His ego and stubborn side got in his way. I think Shanny would have been considered one of the best coaches ever if he stuck to coaching and let personnel side to someone else.
5 of the SIX rounds One thru Three players he did resign while on their rookie contracts were all drafted during or prior to 1999, that was a total of 6 of 41 of those players. Or 13% of the total he was able to keep as broncos. The rest were busts (mostly), players that were head cases we could not afford or player he seemed not interested in keeping because they flat balled in their last year in the rookie contract Heyward is the prime example. Instead of locking him up before the season he chose to wait and see if he was going to be that star he looked to be. Afterwards we had no cap space to try for him.

You ask why no space because of his penchant for overpaying UFA bums who killed us with dead cap money.
He had to resort to that because he fubared each draft. 35 rounds 1-3 players that he did not resign.
Those are the guys every good to great team built the foundation of the team with.

You are correct after 99 he did not help us whatsoever with personnel moves. Players and coaches.
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