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I agree that they'll try, but I think a potential exploding cigar for the Republicans. For example, if the Republicans think that Mexican-American voters in the Southwest and California will vote en mass for a Cuban-American Conservative like Rubio, based on the fact that he speaks Spanish and has brown skin, they are sadly mistaken. Puerto-Ricans , Mexicans, Cubans, Chicanos represent vastly different demographics.

I think Blacks broke for the Democrats because over the past several generations Blacks almost always break for the Dems in national elections. Of course, Obama helped with the enthusiasm factor among Black voters, but the same was true with JFK among Catholics and I'm sure for many Mormons with Mitty.
Go on to a message board below one of these news articles on Yahoo, CNN anywhere and read all the horribly racist comments. Why would any black person want to be associated with those republicans? One of the words Republicans love to use to get around the filter is ni66ers.

Yahoo message boards are Tea party Central. If I was black I would be horribly offended and pi66ed off. As long as the Republicans remain the way they are blacks will go 80% and above for the Democrats.

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